The Spirit’s Studio

Update: Barely Pink commented that a video on The Spirit was available on The Memories of a Strict Uncle site.

I was hoping that more people had seen this post so I am putting it up again.

One evening I was looking through the archives on my computer and I came across this. I have been a fan of The Spirit for many years now and I was wondering if the artist was still around. The Spirit Studio is still there.

I always did like the mixture of humor blended into these frames and I haven’t seen these for some time. 

These are some of the ones hidden away on my computer. I first located them several weeks ago and then could not find them again. If you want to see more current work by The Spirit visit The Spirit’s Studio.


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2 Responses to The Spirit’s Studio

  1. Barely Pink says:

    Did you see the video that Strict Uncle posted on The Spirit?

    I love his work. Glad to see this reposted.

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, Emanuele!



  2. Hi

    Thanks for the information, I missed that post originally and it was nice to see the Spirit recognized for his work


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