Watching Faces

Recently I participated in a poll concerning whether it was important to see faces in spanking videos and pictures or not. There were many who wanted to see the facial reactions of the players, but a lot more than I thought did not care. Frequently the spankers are trying to have very stern expressions and for some scenarios that is just fine, but I also get a kick out of alternate expressions. For example I have collected some screen captures to illustrate my point.
Closeup interesting concentration
Full Scene
More typical expression
Nice reaction shot
The players may have explicit direction or they just may go with the flow. Sometimes this just yields wonderful results.

She looks like she is having a good time!
My favorite of the group
All the above screen capture are from videos posted on Spanking Tube.

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2 Responses to Watching Faces

  1. I find that when I see a woman spanker with a look of extreme concentration, when she is delivering, that this gets my attention the most.


  2. Hi

    It's nice to know that we feel the same way.


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