Dream a Little Dream

I have always had very vivid dreams.
Sometimes I am the Master of the Universe
Sometimes I am a poor schlub that can’t even find the bathroom
Sometimes I save the world and get the girl
Sometimes the world gets the best of me and everyone I meet attacks me
Sometimes I can not lose
Sometimes I just can not win
Sometimes I am very well endowed;
you could put the thing over your shoulder and burp it
Sometimes not so much
Being a confirmed fan of science fiction I have dreamed entire stories. Recently I was had this dream that was like invasion of the body snatchers and some kind of weird water park. We were taken, stripped and run through these odd machines, kind of reminded me of the mechanical spanker I had envisioned. After going through the gauntlet so to speak this strange short being approached me and stamped my hand in red with a capital A in a circle. I don’t know if I was Grade a prime or just choice.
I wanted to relate this other dream that impressed me greatly. I was approached by this woman, her face was vaguely familiar and I thought she was beautiful. She joined me in bed and her face might have been slightly familiar but her body I definitely knew. As she reclined nude I ran my hands down her body, her skin warm and silky. I do so like to touch; I have been told I even do it in my sleep. After thoroughly exploring I eased her over onto her belly.
As I ran my hand down the length of her body and up, I leaned over and whispered in her ear. I told her what I needed, what she needed. She told me that was not what she wanted at all. I continued to rub her back and then cupping her bum again told her what I needed, she protested but no so strongly. As I raised my hand and things were really getting interesting, I woke up damn! I hope to get back to this particular dream soon.


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