Teacher’s Pet – Not Really

I hate exercise, hate it, hate it, and hate it. Did you know I really hate to exercise? That being said over the years I have relented and signed up for various aerobics classes. Oddly enough these classes were always all female, not that I had any idea when I signed up. Okay some idea but it was enough incentive to get me to go and work out three times every week for the length of the courses. We all must find the motivation that works best.

Reminds me of one instructor. I attended her wedding.  

I was able to behave myself with my classmates; most of them were as much in need of working out as I was. All I had to do was not step on anyone and try not to trip over my two left feet and fall down. Unfortunately the instructors were always in way better condition than I could aspire to, and I did tend to aspire to them. Something about women in excellent physical condition getting all sweaty got to me.

I went to this one class regularly for a couple of years and I did ask the instructor what she did for fun. She told me she liked to take bicycle rides, very long bicycle rides, 50 plus mile trips by bicycle. Well I did not have a death wish so I did not try to get along. I still wonder maybe I should have brought her an apple.

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3 Responses to Teacher’s Pet – Not Really

  1. Raven Red says:

    LOL!! Maybe the apple would have worked! Happy to see that I am not the only one that hates exercise!



  2. I hate exercise too, and at 57, I struggle to force myself to do SOMETHING active every day … well, I know what I'd LIKE to be doing every day, but my relationship is long distance.

    I do have a friend who cycles … she's crazier than your instructor. She does what they call “centuries” on the weekend – 100 miles. Hmm … she's 57 too … When she talks about these rides, my eyes glaze over and I get dizzy. LOL.

  3. Hi Raven

    I'll never know.


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