Imagine That

I was reading this book about gangster era criminals when I came across a passage like this “He would put a glove on his big mitt and beat my ass raw.” I never considered a glove an implement so I just had to check it out. There are gloves lined with cashmere, studded gloves and gloves with metal spikes in them, ouch!
There seem to be quite a variety of gloves designed for this.
Metal spikes!
Textured and coated with rubber.
Any ideas just what she is sitting on?
 Last set of gloves I though the color was most suitable, and appropriate.
These are for welding. Welding?
This is a not a new idea, I always thought that a glove would just get in the way. I did find an amazing array of images of women wearing evening gloves and spanking with them. There was a classic photo on the blog SEXUELLE see it here
Last Smack!
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  1. I love being spanked with a leather motorcycle glove. D has a fingerless variety. Imagine the fun with that. 😛

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