Leather Butt

I have always enjoyed horseback riding, once I got over the terror that’s to say.  Horses are big and despite actually being unceremoniously dumped only once I have to approach them with respect. Once astride, the old pleasure of western saddle and tack comes back. I even think that horses have a pleasant aroma. Still as enjoyable as it is after too many hours in the saddle I tend to walk a little bow-legged and sit gently.
When I think about my experiences with horses, and love of traditional westerns I can not help but think how the days of riding affected the average cowboy. A Brand new cowpoke on the range may have been referred to as greenhorn or tenderfoot but I have to think that was not the tenderest part of their anatomy. Really tenderfoot is accurate or how about tender butt. Old time cowboys hardened to full days in the saddle just had to be callused of ass or perhaps owned a leather butt.
The thing that got me started on this silly train of thought was a cartoon which I could not think of a valid reason to post. Well I did my best and dammit I am going to post this ridiculous cartoon.
A Little bit over the top maybe but fun.
 Another clip I just had to link to was a scene from a zombedy. That is a zombie / comedy called Undead or Alive with Chris Kattan, James Denton, and Navi Rawat. This may not have been the funniest comedy but gave a whole other meaning to bareback, I am not referring to sex without a condom. If you have seen the movie you know what I am talking about, if you have not enjoy!
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