Staircase Boogie

Recently it was revealed to me that one of her favorite childhood activities was bumping down the long staircase in her family home. When I considered this statement it seemed to me that I also participated in this game. I was intrigued and wanted details, did she do this timidly easing her butt down the steps or just slide forward letting gravity have its way to land with a loud thud. Please note this is fine if you weigh 50 or 60 pounds but may be hazardous to your health and spine if attempted as an adult.
There are some requirements for this game to be successful. There should be no carpet on the risers although plush carpet does ease the impact; polished wooden stairs give the best results. I think that highly polished wood tends to stick to bare skin yielding an annoying and unsatisfying squealing and thud. Pajamas on the other hand are usually thin material that would slide on wood just fine. 
Bump or slide you choose.
Personally I had had other experiences with hard wood. My first time at a roller rink, I was attending a party and the fact that I had never been on a pair of roller skates did not deter me. I was not about to fall on my face, anyway it wasn’t up to me. The skates seemed to want to run away with me, I did not need knee pads but a whole lot more padding on my butt. Each time I fell and bounced hard on my ass only increased my determination not to fall again. I had a fabulous time and was reminded of it for the next few days every time I sat down.
Hard polished wood, things to come – maybe so.
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