Why Not

Sometimes any old excuse will do, I think I may have a coupon somewhere good for a birthday spanking. That is getting one, instead of giving one. One thing for sure though there are so many good reasons.
One of my favorites is; you have been naughty, that is a trigger phrase for me that goes way back and bring up all kinds of visuals. There are many variations on that theme, the funniest is I have done something wrong but you are going to pay for it! Then there are the good girl punishments that are the reward for excellent behavior.
There are serious foreplay type paddling, gradually making the strikes more intense while pausing to remove one layer of protection at a time. Finally revealing buns made pink and if things go according to plan a very wet pussy. There should be plenty of rubbing and squeezing throughout the process.
When I have been extra cranky, stubborn, pig-headed, lazy, rude or just plain annoying, in other words acting like an adolescent boy, it may be time for a good paddling. In my case withholding a good beating may be more cruel than an actual beating. Someday I will get everything I deserve, sooner rather than later.


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