The Lingering End

There have been plenty of spankings in the movies over the years. Since the invention of the motion picture the camera has depicted all kinds of human activity. In fact I think that a lot of spanking, except that of children being disciplined, substituted for sexuality that was strictly regulated. More recently there have been a couple of that go past hinting at the innate sexuality of spanking and that is one thing I for one am glad to see.
The movie Secretary was full of all kinds of examples of alternate sexuality but I would like to concentrate on the spanking aspect of the movie. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s performance throughout was excellent and I think her portrayal of a sub was spot on. I would like to loudly disagree with a number of trolls on a movie website that claim she is ugly. The entire scene where she places her forearms on her boss’s desk and reads her work while James Spader corrects her was very good although James technique left a little to be desired.
The spanking alone was good but the follow through was even better. The first thing she does is head straight to the bathroom to assess the damage. She quickly raises her clothing and pushes her underwear aside to marvel at the bruising of the one exposed cheek. It even seems as if she can feel the heat as she gently places her hand oh her bum. It is almost a Eureka moment when she finds what she needs. 

As the movie progresses Maggie attempts to recreate the feeling with her boyfriend. He just can not understand what she is trying to get from him and soon gives up. She even tried the do it yourself approach smacking her ass with a hairbrush, she does this in a bathroom to watch the proceedings I suppose but is unsatisfied with the results.
Interestingly enough according to the commentary this was a favorite scene.
Another excellent example is from the TV series weeds. In season 4 episode 7 “Yes I Can”. In this episode Mary-Louise Parker breaks the rules and goes over the head of her local supplier and directly to the source. Nancy gives him his bio as he did to her. She tells him she wants some of the next weed shipment. She says Guillermo said no just to punish her for getting in trouble with him. He asks if she thinks she should be punished. She says yes, but by him, not by Guillermo. He flips her over his knee, whips up her dress and spanks her by way of response. Shaken but excited, she says thank you and leaves. I have to admit the backseat of a limo as a setting for a spanking has desirable elements that I hadn’t considered before.
Back at the house, Shane’s getting the remodel rundown from the expert. Isabelle, sitting on his bed, finds his naked pictures – of Nancy. Nancy comes home then and lays down on the bed but has to cushion her wounded tush. She places a pillow between her legs to lessen the pressure on her behind.  Towards the end of the episode Nancy checks out her spank-reddened cheek and smiles. You can download the entire clip from Ch. Ross Guide To The Spanking Internet.
The spankings here are great but the total experience is there. The lasting effects and the obligatory check in the mirror to examine the wounded flesh are also shown. Being on the receiving end myself I have to say that the spanking is incomplete without checking in the mirror and feeling the heat radiating from my butt. Tracing the lines with my fingers if present and cupping my buttocks. I hope to see more of this as it really is a more complete picture.
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