Sunday Funnies – Sam Swatt by Dan Rivera

I would like to thank Dan for alerting me to the correct spelling of the character name and to add  by Dan Rivera. I always liked this comic and there seems to be agreement based on the number of page views for the last strip. This strip is from Spank Hard Number 9 and is an homage to my favorite book and movie The Maltese Falcon “the stuff dreams are made of”.

I would also like to thank the MASTER, Ch. Ross for adding my blog to his Chross Guide To The Spanking Internet. Among Spanking bloggers to be Chrossed is quite an achievement.

When I was trying to name my blog I considered several possibilities. The ups and downs of an irritated lifelong spankophile seemed a bit wordy. I thought that Cranky Spanker summed it up nicely and since it was not being used considered it original. However when I was scanning the above comic I turned the page I found this.

I wasn’t the only one to think that this was a good title.

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1 Response to Sunday Funnies – Sam Swatt by Dan Rivera

  1. Ha! You're still the “original” Cranky Spanker to me, Emanuele. 🙂

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