Elizabeth Hurley

 I was just poking around and came across this site discussing women dressing as young schoolgirls; many of the comments just saw this as so wrong. It made me thing of this clip from Bedazzled.
Elizabeth Hurley teaches a class of adolescent boys dressed as, well originally as I recalled the scene I thought she was dressed as a schoolgirl, but now on repeat viewings I am not so sure. According to IMDB the outfit she is wearing belongs to her, I wonder when she wears it. Needless to say she was very naughty and a spanking was definitely in order. This movie was alright and since Ms Hurley was dressed up in nineteen different outstanding outfits, she was the best part of the movie.
I like Brendan and some of his movies top my guilty pleasures list but in this movie he was upstaged, Elizabeth may have less screen time but I remember her scenes more.
Just sayin.
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