I Want You – ??

What?  Was it too strong, or direct? Whatever I am I have never been accused of being subtle, or smooth. I am also a terrible liar. The ability to spin a good yarn eludes me. Therefore the art of seduction is not something I have been good at. Most of the time I would be introduced to someone like this; here is my good friend, he really needs to get laid. There have been exceptions of course when I didn’t have a choice and no was not an acceptable answer. I can safely say that I have never taken it so far as to accused of stalking, so far. 
I want you
I want you
I want you so baaaaaad
I think that this would only work for Bob Dylan. In the movie My Favorite Year an exasperated Jessica Harper demands to know “what do you want?” Mark Linn-Baker looks into the camera, and says it all “sex”.
Unfortunately at the bottom of everything I am a hopeless romantic, still believing in Love and that the perfect relationship is complete and enduring. Losing all sense and reason, just being together is more than enough.
I want you to want me
I have never had a problem with being an object of desire, never had to hold anyone at arms length. “We can still be friends” this is something I have never found myself saying, although I think it has been said to me. I can only say I think because I seem to have a very selective memory.
Where am I going with this, I don’t really know. What does it all mean? I can’t say. When I started this I was half asleep and lying in bed, and believe me this is not the direction that I had intended.
As my mom would constantly say “forget about it”
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