Spanking Machines

The Spanking Machine a Resilient myth in popular culture quoted from Well why not, this is the 21st century and all sorts of labor savings devices have been created to make even everyday tasks easier.  I personally have all kinds of power tools, always makes the job easier.
While updating my information I still find a lot for a band electronic dance band called Spanking Machine. I was pleasantly surprised to find something new on the topic. What do you think about a children’s toy. This was also on
The “Assemble-it-yourself Wacky Back-Whacker” was a toy for kids. The makers, Aurora, produced a vast range of plastic models in kit form, some of them serious real things like cars and planes but also, as in this case, jocular fantasies. I thought that mouse trap was a strange toy.
Screen Capture scrambling egg.
Robospanker got a lot of exposure when Howard Stern started featuring it on his radio show. Since the show was censored the details of how effective the thing was debatable. You can find clips of Howard’s show on his site and you tube and the most unusual was the placing of a raw egg between the cheeks of Porn Star Tabitha Stevens. The egg took three swats to break, and make a gooey mess. That one could be either an ouch or a yuck. Howard seems to be a spankophile doing various spanking activities from butt bongo to spanking a girl with a fish.
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