Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg: If you want something done, do it yourself. Yep!
The first video of a sub being instructed to do it herself was a short in three parts. The sub wore a mask and first whipped her pussy with a flogger. She then rolled over and used several paddles on her bare behind, the last one being outrageously large. She seemed to be crying the entire time.
The first material that I mail ordered was for my 35mm projector, home movie style, no sound. The lack of sound only fueled my imagination. As technology improved you can now get full color fantasies direct to your computer.
There are a lot of poorly done spanking videos out there. The first one I ever saw was about an Au pair and it wasn’t even a good fake. Don’t get me wrong a little makeup applied judiciously can make a video seem much more realistic, and that’s fine by me.
A few months ago I became aware of The Spanking Tube, and there was a lot of spanking material on that site. Surprisingly quite a few of these videos were amateur and showed people spanking themselves quite soundly. It was amazing how much punishment these men and women put themselves through.

I am a fan of the self spanker in the above clip. She really puts her money where her mouth is, or maybe her ass is actually on the line.  She has posted several very nice spankings seems to be very determined to soundly spank herself. Personally I am not that easy. I like a nice dinner with some wine before I spank myself. It just helps a lot if I am buzzed to get it right. To be the spanker and spankee and to do it properly seems a tad schizo, adopting dual persona as it were. Seriously I would prefer to be spanking someone else, or even to be spanked, but you have to admit self-spanking is so much better than no spanking.
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