Fantasy Vs Reality

Imagining a sound spanking and receiving one can be very different things. In your head you can experience all the pleasant potential without any of the pain. Let me assure you that a good hard spanking can indeed be painful. But I wouldn’t give it up because it hurts so good! (apologies to John Mellencamp) The ultimate fantasy for me is being spanked to orgasm. This is a difficult but achievable goal.
There is a bad movie that illustrates the idea of what you expect will happen and what actually occurs. The movie is called Federal Protection.

In the first clip a sexy Angela Featherstone tells David Lipper “slap my ass”, and then “slap my ass hard”. escalating until she yells ouch and bites her lip. Her last line is “lets get a riding crop”.

In the second clip she is dressed in leather with spike heels to boot. You only hear the crop impact once and then see David smack her a second time. She yells out and says roughly “ouch! shit! I don’t like it like I thought I would” 

Art imitating reality?


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2 Responses to Fantasy Vs Reality

  1. Dan Navarro says:

    The actress' name in “Federal Protection” (2002) is Dina Meyer. I don't know where that other name came from.

    Also, I have twice spanked a girl to orgasm. When she began that involuntary lurching, I put my face close to hers and urged her: “Go for it, girl! Go for it!”

  2. Dan

    Thanks for the information. Spanked to orgasm is a enticing fantasy both giving and getting.


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