Spanking, Sex and Love

Personally I feel that no matter how strong the physical attraction, sex without an emotional connection has always left me disappointed. One night stands and other brief liaisons may be to fine for other men, I just want more. Having more invested in a relationship has always resulted in better sex for me and I expect for my partners as well.
It is true that I am a spankophile, but in a perfect world, steamy spankings would lead to even steamier sex. Sex and spanking just belong together. I have read comments by women trying unsuccessfully to get their men to spank them, what is wrong with those guys. Ignoring the fact that this is a simple request to make, I mean it’s not housecleaning or doing the dishes, although if that’s what makes her happy, why would you resist.
Why do I love spanking her behind? My right hand slapping away, my left free to wander around, I really don’t think I want to know. If I make her weak kneed and light headed, face and body flushed, the result is that I get very excited. Spanking her leaves me in a similar state to hers, and that result is important. I remember one evening when my companion was very tired; after we had played she had to sleep. I was not ready to sleep yet. I was still excited and got off just by admiring my handiwork, and resting my hand on her very warm cheeks. She smiled at me drowsily and we both went to sleep.
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2 Responses to Spanking, Sex and Love

  1. B'Man says:

    Like you, I have always felt that “sex without an emotional connection has always left me disappointed” too.

    I like the proverb: “The man who loves a thousand women loves not a single one. But the man who loves a single woman is the lover of them all”.

  2. Hi B'Man

    I have never heard that proverb before, but I am in complete agreement with the sentiment.

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