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I was unable to think of anything more discreet, but maybe being direct is better. This is a legal term, believe it or not, that covered sex acts even between husband and wife, considered unnatural. Any oral or anal sexuality was illegal and the penalties here in the US were extreme. These laws have largely been overturned but here and there they are still on the books. A news article about Illinois got me started and I can’t help but wonder if more laws like these will be passed considering the sexually repressed right.
It just seems to me a reasonable progression considering my attraction to bottoms that I would want to lick, tickle, and finger and yes; penetrate that tight little opening hidden within. Perhaps the forbidden element adds to the attraction, I am pretty sure that my priest would also not approve.  Some of the most erotic moments in my memory consist of a very pink fanny and a pretty little anus stretched over my erect self.
Men and women can both share these feelings. Physiologically there is no difference between men and women, Opinions are like assholes, ever body has one is true. Seriously there are quite a few sensitive nerves there, only surpassed by the penis and the winner the clit, which has the highest concentration of nerves period. I think Robin Williams said “the human body must have been designed by an engineer, who else would put a waste processing plant next to a recreation area.”
I have my own hang-ups about butt play, I would prefer to be freshly bathed and no one has ever hurt me in this way. I was once violated by a nurse though, maybe she objected to the expression on my face when she told me what she was going to do. Without any foreplay, not even a kiss, she proceeded to try and insert her entire hand in my butt. I think she got as far as her knuckles before I started whining and begging for her to stop. It probably would have been easier if she had spent maybe a whole minute getting me to relax. Anyway considering my how painful this procedure had been, I was surprised that there were no lasting damages. No bleeding, no pain at all, I thought I would have to sit on an ice pack
There is something about anal sex that really blows me away. Is it the submissive nature of the act or something else entirely? Above all other considerations there has to be a lot of trust and faith. As with spanking the belief that your partner will not really hurt you has to be there. I think I heard someone say “I love you but I don’t trust you” this makes no sense to me at all. How could there be love without trust.
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  1. Ahem…I know a girl who knows a girl who really likes anal.

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