I make no apologies I am dedicated to ALL THINGS TREK but also like many other science fiction programs. I actually almost lost it the first time I went on the star trek experience simulator, well I did control my reactions, mostly but I did have to hunch down on the final simulator part to conceal my reaction.

I first was exposed to Dr Who via PBS and I thought that Tom Baker was Dr Who. His trademark scarf and gently humorous banter, not to mention a robotic doggie companion K-9. I could not help but appreciate his response to being physically threatened, he would hold out a loaded paper bag and offer a jelly baby, most of the time it worked.

I have recently come to know the other incarnations of the doctor and acquired some of the early episodes. I was shocked to find that the original doctor traveled with his granddaughter, Susan and two of her teachers. Susan was credited with naming the doctor’s machine the TARDIS. Susan referred to the doctor as Grandfather.

Well I watched some of the first two seasons and came to “The Dalek Invasion of Earth” not the first appearance of the one of the doctors’ oldest enemies but an interesting chapter nonetheless. After a few moments of dialog since apparently this doctor’s TARDIS had a mind of its own, the doctor had finally returned them to Earth. Susan accidentally causes a bridge to collapse and injures her ankle, preventing their access to the TARDIS altogether, Susan apologizes and the doctor answers “Now you are paying attention in a huff” he scolds her and ends the discussion with “What you need is a jolly good smacked bottom”

That got my attention, not a way I had heard it expressed before but I was sure I knew what that meant. I replayed the scene several times and was reassured that was what he said. This show was aired originally about 59 years ago but strangely enough if you Google the quote from the doctor you will get all kinds of links to Dr Who fans and blogs, who knew.


Well if this worked you can see the scene for yourself. A different way to describe a spanking that I hadn’t heard before and on a favorite show to boot. This was Susan’s last appearance as the doctors granddaughter, it may reflect the writers opinion of her leaving the show.


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  2. Dave Wolfe says:

    I knew we had more than a few things in common! I’m also a Trekkie / Whovian! In fact, I’m considering a blog entry featuring the Doctor to celebrate Peter Capaldi taking on the role next month. I just read Jon Pertwee’s “I Am The Doctor,” published posthumously. Thanks for the clip!

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