Almost Human

2013 well as far as I can tell it has been my Y2k. I have had so many effing problems that I was not sure if my slow decline had turned into free fall. I really don’t mean to whine, well at least not too much, but I was actually unable to even muster any enthusiasm for my all time favorite thing. I could imagine my fantasy woman whispering in my ear, “I have been very naughty and need to be punished”. Do you have an appointment? If you don’t have an appointment I can not be of any assistance. ARGGGG!!!!

But seriously how can anything have any meaning if you can not get up off your ass. I mean I renewed my passport with every intention of using it. I want to practice the French I learned in school “Le crayon est sur la table” or maybe some phrases I have added since. “Vous êtes très belle et je vous le désirez” Courtesy of Google translate.

I mean I have only been to Europe once and there are so many things I want to experience and see before I am unable to do so. You can travel in a wheelchair but I really don’t want to wait. My heritage is Italian, my father was born north of Rome and my mother was born in Sicily. I might even be able to communicate with the citizens of the UK, I hear they speak a dialect of English there.

I have always been attracted to Irish ladies. I worked for an import/export company in California and there was this young colleen working there. Red hair and a face full of freckles but when she spoke her Irish accent made my toes curl. I was working on MIS support and always hoped that if I was lucky there would be something, anything wrong with her computer so I could sit at her desk while we flirted shamelessly. The file server is crashing? It can wait but your Excel spreadsheet won’t open well that’s important. She got her computer worked on and I got my ego stroked, I would call that a win-win. She was too young for me and I am married but please I could still dream.

I never did get Armani but in the spirit of not procrastinating I did buy some Hugo Boss suits. Of course I went to the outlet store in Phoenix, it’s really hard to break the habits of a lifetime but a couple of 1k plus suits for a little over 700 sounds good to me. I’ll post pics. I hope to add new material soon.



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