Time Enough

For the truly accomplished and discriminating procrastinator the best time for any task without hesitation is later or better yet tomorrow. Recently I have found myself asking “can’t this wait until the weekend?” Of course postponing even the most pleasant activity can have its benefits. Waiting an extra day or three for release can only add to the anticipation, although if I wait too long I could break something. I mean a wet spot is one thing but a small pond that is a whole different ballpark. Being sick does make it easier, after taking all the appropriate medications the best thing is just to lie down and breath deeply.

I want to do things, I want to simply relax and listen to music with the most distracting thing a scented candle or two. Read a book and not have to worry that I have been doing nothing but reading for 2 whole hours. Wonder if I might ever find someone willing to spend the time to get to know my needs and then try to fulfill them. Spank a willing woman asking nothing in return but the pleasure to fulfill her needs, of course I would enjoy this too, but the primary goal would be achieving her wants and desires postponing my own until later or possibly never.

All that is really required is time. An hour, an afternoon or a morning devoted to just this one thing. No iphone, no pager, no cell phone, no distractions of any kind allowed. The world will just have to get by without us, just for now. Is that too much to ask for? Can you tell me is that too much to expect. At the tone leave a message, if this is an emergency call 911, 411, 611 any11 else please! I will return you call as soon as possible, just don’t hold your breath.

I really don’t want to be selfish; I want to help everyone that needs my help. I want to make a difference, even if it is only a small one. I have some of the answers but a fat lot of good comes of it if no one will listen. I have been having problems communicating with the real world, everything sounds great until I try to say it out loud, or even send a small message. The above grouping of random sounds may actually mean something, but I am pretty sure that later tonight or tomorrow morning this brilliant insight will just be so much GIGO.

I may be going down for the first time or the last. I don’t know but if you have read this far and can spare a minute or two let me know if you understand what I am trying to get across here. If not better luck tomorrow, or maybe this weekend.


Carrying on Cranky


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2 Responses to Time Enough

  1. sirbruce8 says:

    I fully understand what you are saying and I plan on writing a response soon. And enjoying doing so.

  2. sirbruce8 says:

    I fully understand what you are saying and plan on writing a response soon. I plan on enjoying writing it.

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