Word Association

I can’t say that I have any faith in the practice of any form of therapy. I had had some experience with the practice over the years, from the child therapists that just could not get the reason why I refused to attend school on a regular basis, to the various attempts I have made at “self-improvement” over the years.

Now I know why they added the leather couch.

Recently I was trying to write a song parody, I say trying because I never seem to feel that I am finished. I chose The Sounds of Silence a classic song by Simon and Garfunkel that I have enjoyed over the years. It may be a very old song but it still holds up after all these years.

Just for the record I am including my parody here and you can find Bonnie’s version here The Sounds of Spanking

Hello sweetheart, my dear friend
I’ve come to paddle your rear end
Across my knee then you came crawling
So deep, so hard in love was I falling
I lifted your skirt
And I bared your pretty bum
It won’t hurt
Waiting, for the sounds,
Of spanking

I raised my hand and brought it down
I’d made you wait, I’d made you frown
Just grit your teeth, I’ll have you know
Tears from spankings just must sometimes flow
Slapping briskly from side to side
Hitting you baby with all I had
You almost cried
Listening, to the sounds
Of spanking

I did not know, you did not ask
It was so sweet taking you to task
I pushed my face right into your neck
I smelled your scent, boy was I a wreck
It seemed to me
That this could never end
It shouldn’t end
Remembering, the sounds
Of spanking

I concentrated on the timing and the rhymes and I do think that I did a pretty good job of it, even evolving the tone of the song much like to source material. After I had posted it Bonnie pointed out that I had composed the parody from a spanker’s point of view. She had written a similar song parody from the spankee’s point of view a couple of years earlier.  Whether you want to call it top and bottom, or by any other description both of these songs exhibit a very strong point of view. I was looking for spanking therapist images and I did come across a spanking Therapist, a Shadowlane cover and another by Sarah Gregory

Maybe writing a song parody does give you a picture of the inner mind of the writer or maybe this is all just co-incidence. I will admit it gave me an excuse to repost my song parody, after all I did work relatively hard on it for some time.


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5 Responses to Word Association

  1. about your lack faith in the practice of any form of therapy. A shared view, but I have found it useful in having, what should be obvious, pointed out to me as a reason for why I feel like I do. I guess not all of us have a knack for looking inward.

    Of course, I don’t think adult spanking does much to change behavior.

  2. Ana says:

    It’s a great song…and a nice new version.
    About adult spanking changing behavior, it depends on the context and how it’s done and how motivated the person is to follow through.

  3. For some of us withholding spankings might be even more effective behavior modification, reserving spanking for rewards.


  4. web-ed says:

    I enjoyed your version as well as Bonnie’s. Spanking song parodies always make me laugh! The cartoon referencing the bribed analyst is by Kirk Stiles (it’s been reversed making the signature harder to recognize) who also did two others involving spanking psychoanalysts. It dates from 1959 and I believe Stiles modeled the spanker on Hugh Hefner!

  5. Thanks web-ed

    I probably spent way more time on this, for some reason once I got it into my head to write it the tune just stuck in my head, like that annoying song that keeps repeating and repeating and repeating…

    🙂 🙂


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