Sunday Funnies

You really must visit The Chicago Spanking Review “The Halloween season is upon us, and once again we trot out our seasonal decorations” from the site echoes my feeling about this annual celebration, one of my personal favorites. Besides it really is way too early to drag out the Christmas displays in my opinion. I was going to wait until next Sunday but since it is only ten days why not today.

A sample from the pages of The Chicago Spanking Review.

A personal favorite Pamalee from Endart also celebrated Halloween.

She was “Drawn that way” no doubt.

Retired in 2009 but who knows Endart may draw again.

Nothing sexy about wading boots.

This is a commercial Halloween card. My friend designs and prints her own Halloween card every year I look forward to what she will send me more than the traditional Christmas card.

One last Great Pumpkin.

I did get this from a Google search for the other pumpkin that I will post next week. Apparently there are those who find celebrating Halloween objectionable, your loss. Why do I enjoy Halloween after all it is just an excuse for adults to dress as anyone and act like kids again. That is a bad thing I don’t think so.






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