And Now Something Else

I know I usually post drawings and artwork here and these are my most popular days. Since there has been a shortage of spanking stuff here lately I thought I would add this. I will post more archived drawings next Sunday.

Finally, after so much time had gone by, it was finally happening. I was sitting on my bed and a person of the female persuasion was draped over my eager lap. I made the appropriate adjustments to her clothing and there she lay. Skirt pulled up and over her back with her knickers pulled down and banded about her thighs.

Throwing caution to the wind, although I could have sat there admiring the view for much longer, I didn’t want to risk it. Seriously I could wake up any second. Placing my less useful left hand in the small off her back and pressing down, I raised my right arm and slapped one cheek and then the other. I wasn’t hitting with all my strength just nice authoritative smacks. I slapped away for a little bit, pausing to rub the nicely warming flesh. I was really enjoying myself.

She told me to stop. She didn’t complain that I was hurting her, or that what I did was wrong. She simply said “this is just making me mad. You are really starting to piss me off, so cut it out.” I did stop spanking but really I was so tempted to tell her, in my best Bogart of course “Look Schweetheart, you asked for this and now you are going to get it!” I did not do this, I sadly let her up and watched her stomp from the room, pulling herself together. I could hear her foot thumps all the way down the hall.

I did a quick Google search for an image or Bogey spanking Bacall, I am aware of course such a search phrase would turn up Our Bottoms Burn.

No luck there but A very nice spanking blog by a couple.

No spanking here but damn that’s a fine sandwich.

I thought I would try and get alternate ideas. If I find myself in this position or something like it. I mean the Bogart thing might have worked but who can say. Was she more pissed at me for spanking her or for stopping? Tell me what you think.


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3 Responses to And Now Something Else

  1. Emen says:

    I have no idea! I’m not a top and never will be, and I probably wouldn’t have attempted Bogey but even in my lamest toppishness I might have said “you’re not getting up until you tell me why you’re pissed”. That’s just common courtesy.

  2. I would not have let her up until I got a good reason for why she was saying she was mad.

    First time to your Blog. I noticed traffic from here to our little world and popped over to see what Cranky Spanker was about. I will be be back. Cheers

  3. Thank you, I have been to your blog before, think you both very classy indeed, and I have a link on my site. I have to admit a tiny fantasy about being spanked in your place, accidentally of course.



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