This will be off topic no doubt and probably a rant. I have been considering how lucky I am to be alive at the advent of a new century. I have to report however that I am seriously disappointed with the twenty-first century so far.

There are no Pan Am commuter flights to a growing space station rotating in permanent orbit, and no settlements on the moon. There is a strong well meaning but ill informed movement that hopes to control the climate by changing only one element of the way we change our environment. These people are intent on turning back the clock to save the planet by unraveling our civilization. The brightest star of the past century was cheap energy and freedom of movement that these environmental fanatics are trying to eliminate. I really thought that by now fusion energy would be a growing concern with vast amounts of energy available to improve the lot of all people.

Social issues that I though were finally about to be resolved are now being argued again. Too many people in America scream about their freedoms while denying those same liberties to others. Censorship is alive and well and I was just reading that Mark Zuckerberg will forgo salary from his company to eliminate his tax bill altogether. The man should be ashamed of himself and it may be time to kill off Facebook altogether.

The list of ridiculous things is just too long and too depressing but I do have one other thing. Can anyone tell me just where the heck is my flying car?


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  1. wordsmith says:

    You’re supposed to jump into cyberspace for that, and anything else you fancy doing! Get with the program already, Emanuele 😀

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