Let me be clear I don’t advocate forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to do, it’s just that “Come here I am going to smack that ass.” loses something when phrased this way. “If you don’t mind I would like to spank your fanny please”.  I have to admit there is a juvenile aspect of all spanking play but for the sake of argument lets agree that spanking is too good to share with kids and confine the discussion to the inner naughty child in all adults. Even if no spanking takes place I do enjoy a well crafted spanking threat.

Little Dot may look like a little girl but I do believe she was 30 at the time this strip was published.

I have had spanking fantasies since I was old enough to think about girls in any meaningful role and in all my fantasies not one of my spanking partners was injured in any way. I mean I have no pictures in my head of black eyes or bloody noses. There is no need for a trip to the emergency room or broken bones. It’s true that in my imagination a thorough bare bottom spanking with my hand or some implement results in nothing more than an uncomfortable seat, and is just extended foreplay. Leave it to Endart to have drawn almost every conceivable spanking situation, although this one rump seems almost overdone.

So in a consensual relationship after spanking your friend on whatever pretext what do you do about a butt too sore to lie on?

I think thats one solution although I have always been a fan of doggy style too.

One other silly bit from “House of Lies”

Best face-plant ever!




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