I have been stunned at the number of people here in the United States who refuse to believe in Evolution. Although I am also stunned by the amount of news devoted to bad science and poorly done studies. But I digress.

The fact that species do evolve, of this I have no doubt. However the mechanism of evolutionary change is still poorly understood. I would like to add my two cents bucks.

Take humanity for example, there are many stronger, faster more dangerous species on the planet but why have we gotten to the top of the food chain. I think a lot of this is unbridled sexuality. There are few species on the planet that have sex for other than reproduction, even though a segment of our society would deny this see above. Dolphins are extremely intelligent. Dolphins I have read like to fool around just for fun, unlike most of the animal kingdom that only copulate when in heat.

Take the human female form, just an accident or a product of evolution. Men are highly visual animals. You have to rely on sight and others senses to be a successful hunter. Only a good hunter would be able to feed himself, and have additional food for a mate and family.

Can sell panties too.

I believe that nicely formed buttocks are a highly erotic sight. Why else would there still be strong prohibitions against exposing them in public. It has also been suggested that nicely rounded breasts are unnecessary for breast feeding but serve another purpose altogether. Attractive breasts encourage the much disparaged but highly positive missionary position. Face to face sex is also pretty much a human thing.

What about spanking? There is a lot to be said about who is really in charge in a spanking relationship. I would rather not say what I have been willing to do chasing that particular fantasy. I would say that if you do enjoy it, is there an easier way to impress your man how strong and tough he is?








Strange search results, as I was looking for just the right image for this post these two came up.

Pretty Behinds?

Better luck next time.


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