Bill Wenzel

I was surprised that Bill Wenzel did not have an entry on the Spanking Art Wiki. However Web-Ed at The Chicago Spanking Review recognized his work and said “probably the 2nd most prolific spanking cartoonist after Bill Ward” I found a couple in my oldest folders and added a few of my personal favorites from The Chicago Spanking Review.

Shaved Peaches?

These last two are variations of one of my favorite Wenzel pieces can not credit revision to any artist. There are a many more to see if you like these just visit The Chicago Spanking Review.


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2 Responses to Bill Wenzel

  1. web-ed says:

    Hi CS,
    Thanks for the plug – glad you enjoy these great old Humorama cartoons. By the way, #2 (spanked speeder) is an altered version of one by Dan DeCarlo, not Bill Wenzel.

    • Hi there

      It’s nice to hear from you. I thought I might have missed it on that one. I did enjoy the Humorama cartoons. I look to your site as a fabulous reference and will always cite my sources.


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