Alfred Hitchcock

I think that Sir Alfred made some of the greatest films ever. He also brought to television some of the most cerebral and entertaining stories to date. I was watching some of The Alfred Hitchcock hour (I had recorded some episodes) and I saw this story starring Jeffery Hunter (first captain of The Enterprise) and Vera Miles a favorite of Alfred Hitchcock and John Ford. The teleplay however was not one of the finest presented.

I just had to bring this particular episode up because of a couple of lines of dialog. Daphne (Vera) takes a shortcut through the woods and is pursued and frightened by someone there. She gets to this party and all of the guests caution her of her choice to “go walking through the woods” is a very bad idea and it is capped by her boyfriends entrance and his statement “that girl deserves a good spanking.”

I know it was the sixties but Daphne was supposed to be pre-med and was expected to become a faculty wife, this was her boyfriend so girl could just be a foreshortened girlfriend. At least she did not freak out and run screaming from the room.


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