Spread em!

So I was in my least favorite place today, the dentist’s office and this attractive dental assistant placed these odd devices in my mouth to facilitate her taking pictures of my teeth. She called them cheek retractors; luckily my mouth was full so I did not get the chance to exclaim what a great idea, and then explain that I was talking about butt cheeks.

Cheek retractors or cheek spreaders I just had to look this up. According to Google a cheek spreader is a fan of anal sex that makes perfect sense to me and there is a patent application for an automatic cheek spreader accessory for the toilet. I had other things in mind though.

I was looking for the right image to display using Google I came up with the device similar to what was used on me.

Amazingly this was another image that came up in the same search.

Works for me.

A device to gently spread the buttocks and hold them apart could just come in handy sometimes. It would be easier to get at those hard to reach nooks and crannies. I can imagine using a nice soft flogger to strike the soft flesh that usually goes untouched. Of course you can get a sub to hold her cheeks spread but this allows he hands to get in harms way. I am not really a fan of hitting hands; on the other hand a spread open backside is fair game.

In a pinch I would think the best short term solution would probably be duck tape. After all 95% of all household repairs can be accomplished with 200 mile per hour tape, at least for the short term that is.


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