Hire a Pro

Well it does seem to be one possible solution to the lack of a suitable spanking playmate. After all if someone decides to be a professional sub it would follow that it is something they really enjoy doing, or in this case enjoy having it done to them. Professional dominants seem to be far more common after all that would make more sense, being bossy and ordering people about fitting right in with the role, “you will sign that MasterCard chit!.”

The cover of a book by a professional submissive.

In any case if there was absolutely no sexual activity involved then the laws against paying for sex would not apply. This is the way one professional put it. “Also, to the people who think this is “selling yourself sexually” or that pro subs don’t exist – these people have no idea what they’re talking about.” One Sub allegedly from Australia claimed that the going rate in Australia is around $420 per hour in Australian dollars. That seems like a lucrative career choice.

Then there is the oldest profession. On a “business” trip to Oahu after concluding our business for the day I was wandering around Waikiki with the guys, all young men and definitely not sober. We came across an attractive young woman and the bunch of us approached her and started asking about the local entertainment.

Much to our surprise she was the local entertainment. After some debate I found myself accompanying her to her apartment. How I earned this distinction I don’t recall, I was quite nervous after all this was illegal. I had visions of my boss having to post bail for me. She did her best to make me relax and we negotiated a price.

We got undressed and she showed me a selection of condoms, I picked out one and she put it on me without using her hands. I was quite impressed. If I were any drunker any kind of sex would have been impossible, as it was I do remember hanging onto her cute breasts like a life preserver.

We got dressed and went out into the warm tropical night. As we made our way we ran into the group of guys I had been with, it seemed like they were waiting for me, I had to wonder didn’t they have anything better to do? They did not. Anyway my date told my buddies that I was a tremendous stud, we all had a laugh and staggered off. Maybe a professional is not such a good idea after all.




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2 Responses to Hire a Pro

  1. Barely Pink says:

    Ha…Emanuele. *Shakes head*

    I love how you tell us these stories. 🙂

  2. Hi Pink
    All true except the names have been changed or left out completely to protect the guilty.


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