How To Treat a Behind

Seriously I was just doing that Google thing when I came across a site called AskMen it is an an online magazine. The article I found was called “An Introduction to Spanking”. The article made the bold claim that virtually every man has had the desire to spank his woman. It’s an opinion I happen to agree with, but I am biased.

It is a standard how to piece that may have been around a long time I just don’t remember having seen it before. As I read the first page of the article the tab address reads Spanking – AskMen makes sense. When I go to page 2 however the tab now reads How To Treat Behind – AskMen. Page 2 is a step by step guide on exactly how to treat a behind. If you want to read the article for yourself you can find it here

There is another article about spanking called “Master the Art of Erotic Spanking” This does seem to be a play on words, Wordsmith would know, oddly enough the keyword on the tab for this article is Love taps or Tapping. It is an interesting enough article considering it starts out with a reference to Howard Stern and The Robo-spanker. Here is the link


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