Anyone that would tend to visit this site should know who I am talking about. If you don’t here she is from Playboy. She was one of the earliest Playmates of the Month Miss January 1955.

I usually post drawings or artwork on Sundays but the last couple of weeks have been extraordinary. While mulling over what has been going on I thought what I need is a pin-up and then it was all crystal. Betty Page is the iconic pin-up. Thanks to Irving Klaw we have photographs of Betty spanking, spanked and all tied up.

According to her obit her official website had received about 600 million hits over the five years prior to her death in 2008. I can not verify the number but even if it was just a fraction of that it still is incredible. Fifty years after her appearance in Playboy Betty Page could still be of interest to so many, I don’t think there is a word  to describe her phenomena. So here are a few of my favorite poses.

I’ll just wait here for the letters from the lawyers.


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2 Responses to BETTY!

  1. To say the least! After living in poverty for so many years she finally got the recognition and earnings she deserved.


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