Unsimulated SEX?

I posted last week about Hollywood promising sex but because of the requirement to satisfy the self censorship that has been with us all along they really could not possibly deliver. That being said I would like to talk about the spanking in cinema from the beginning.

Spankings were much more acceptable behavior until recently. After all according to current thinking spanking is just abuse. The modern man or women does not have to accept that type of behavior from anyone. I am sorry to disagree but spanking is not abuse. There are too far too many ways to for us to hurt each other than butt bongo. To equate ass slapping with black eyes and broken bones is just plain wrong, in my opinion.

On to the topic: Sex or rather spanking in old movies. I have read about the stringent restrictions on what you could put into a movie from the very first screen kiss, to Marlon Brando’s “Pass the butter”. In the current modified version of this scene they superimposed a chandelier over Marlon’s butt and it had to be a big one.

Anyway over the years the along with other things sexual activity was a definite no-no. Therefore if a scene took place on a bed or in a bedroom the red lights went off. Any such activity was carefully scrutinized.

Some insightful directors realizing that although they could not show a woman’s bum being touched in any way at all could show the old fashioned over the knee punishment for whatever reason. This was even easier if the situation was at all comical in nature. It was not all that common but because of tight restrictions we have a large number of examples of sexy spanking scenes in older movies.

I should have realized this sooner. After all buns moving up and down, hips thrusting in time to the striking hand, it’s a sexual position that just needs a name. How about cowgirl with a twist, or cowgirl sidesaddle for example?

The following clip is from a movie called Bunker Bean. I think this is a fine example and funny to boot.

Now there are others that would disagree with me entirely. John Wayne was one. He was very conservative and did not seem to feel that there was any sexual content in spanking a girlfriend or browbeating wife. His version of the Taming of the Shrew was family fare. I can not prove this but I submit a couple of short quotes from Maureen O’Hara, if she did not know John Wayne, no one did.

Here is Maureen O’Hara talking about her costume and excellent legs, nice butt too.

Finally her own remarks about the spanking from that film.


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