I love spanking. I love thinking about it or doing it, it is a tremendous turn on for me. It’s the most erotic activity that I can even consider. I have been collecting photos and drawings for as long as I can remember. Although most of my life I would not have been able to actually say this to anyone.

My life has been mostly extremes. At times I was so full of myself I thought I was all that. You know God’s gift. At other times I was almost a monk. I was going to say priest but I think they get more action than you would imagine. I even had the temerity to try to see two women with the same nickname. That was fine until I accepted an invitation to be with one and showed up at number 2. Talk about awkward, over the years I have blotted out most of the repercussions from that debacle.

Over the years I thought to pay it safe and hide my secret; I tried just about everything to try to distract from my main impulse. It did not matter whether I was alone or with someone, or a couple, inevitably the impulses that I had tried so hard to suppress would surface again. Like my own little devil sitting on my shoulder.

“Spank her spank her hard, you know she wants it.” I guess I have seen Animal House one too many times.

For the time being I will have to be satisfied enjoying vicariously the adventures of others. So you other bloggers get busy I have needs.


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4 Responses to THE TRYSEXUAL

  1. Hedone says:

    You have the need to spank and I have a need to be spanked 😉

  2. Actually I will do both


  3. zelle33406 says:

    “So you other bloggers get busy I have needs.”

    You had me spewing coffee the second I read that… LOL
    — I imagine you’re thinking… “Off with you! Clean that mess and get busy meeting my needs!…. (rofl)

  4. Thanks Zelle

    I was wondering if I had maybe lost it, just a little.


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