Kiss a Little Butt

It’s always a good time to kiss a little butt, seriously people, or even a big butt!

I have been wondering what to do about this for some time now. When I started blogging it was almost a last act of desperation. I know that you are familiar with the image of the mouse flipping off the big bird of prey. It was a lot like that.

I started the blog in Google’s Free Blog service and right from the start I had 4 followers.

I did not know what I had to really offer yet.

I had no idea what I was doing.

I was sure that most of my stories would be at the very least embarrassing or humiliating.

I have not been a successful spanker but thought my history would provide at least a cautionary tale.

After reading my past postings I still have to wonder “What was I thinking?”

Yeah I know. It’s a really big world out there and 4 people following my blog were not a whole lot. I was encouraged anyway.

But the people who chose to support me from the very start took my breath away.


I have to be more specific.

1)      Barely Pink. I still am clueless why she would find me even interesting but she has.  I think I know what to do but it has been a very long time. Barely Pink has encouraged me when I was thinking I really had nothing to offer and I would wait in line to get an autographed picture. I would have to hide it from the missus though. Seriously can I get that picture?

2)      Raven Red. She has been a stranger from a strange land to me. From South Africa she has also helped to swell my own importance, who said that self esteem was a good thing. You have to have true value for that self esteem to be meaningful.

3)      Bonnie. I just don’t know where to go with this. Bonnie is a rock. Her site has been around a long time because it is really fabulous. I like to think that she picked me out and singled me out for this recognition but I think her generosity overshadows all else. I go to her site for Sunday brunch and being such a frightening flop I often have nothing to add.

4)      Lastly but not the least Hermione. She is very generous also. I want to steal her ideas but I am such an egotist that I want my stuff to at least a little original, maybe. But if you are going to borrow ideas they should be good ones.

Since then I have been kicked off Blogger and forced to move to WordPress.  I will not be silenced. If you find what I like objectionable fell free to leave!

I have to add Chross. I know that I have been listed in his venerable spankings of the week; all I have to do is look at my site stats. I still find it hard to believe that I would have anything interesting to put up to be listed but I have been and find it very satisfying. I even had to email Barely Pink and say look, look I am listed!

I did not even have to ask for a link on the original Spanking Blog which is one of the best sites around. I like to think that he and I are at least on the same page but this blog has heart. I have followed it myself and always find something different here.

This community has been very friendly and I am still surprised when I find my site linked without my asking. When I saw that Dana Kane had a link I was shocked and a little scared! She does know how to beat a butt no doubt about it.

I have been trying to put this down for quite a while. I have finally got it all out for now.

Cranky Spanker

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3 Responses to Kiss a Little Butt

  1. Barely Pink says:

    I was thrilled when you started blogging. From your very first email about the cheeseboard you saw while shopping, I’ve been intrigued by your spirit and enthusiasm. So thank you for starting this blog — you have much to say and I will be a faithful reader for as long as you wish to say it.

    And…I bet you know what to do. 😉

  2. Thank you so much! You have always made me fell just a little bit special.


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