The Collar Purple

I did not think I had been lurking around spanking blogs for that long but as usual time seems to get away from me. The Collar Purple was a very nice blog by the talented blogger and artist Invidia. Her partner TheBoss and she did some blogging that I could have sworn was more recent but actually occurred around 2003 to 2005. I thought that I had a nice folder with some of my favorites from The Collar Purple, but I seem to have misplaced them. There are always other solutions so from the internet archive machine ie. The WayBackMachine (Mr. Peabody anyone) I have located some of her rendered artwork to share.

This piece was the wallpaper for her blog so you can see why I was drawn back there again and again.

Another nice poser drawing I will try to find the full sized ones.

I know that the software is supposed to make it easy for anyone to create realistic 3d renderings, but I think talent will always tell.

Hmm Harry Potter I think this is just in time!


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8 Responses to The Collar Purple

  1. Octavia Rayne says:

    I personally know Invidia and TheBoss, would you like me to see if they could recover some of the files you lost?

  2. Robbie Davidson says:

    Is there a chance the collar purple will ever be revived?

  3. wordsmith says:

    Invidia used to be one of my favourites too, would be nice to see a new creation 🙂

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