The Efficient Top

I was just wandering around Bed Bath and Beyond, checking out the potential spanking implements and utensils. This store also has a number of leather stools and hassocks. The old schoolroom style wooden one with a curved top for a sore butt to perch on.

There are two different size curved leather topped stools that look like a good fit for either belly or bum.

These are just too darn cute for that filly that is quite a handful.

In my musings I had to consider a really nice comfy leather covered footstool. It does need to be real leather. For the demanding top this item would ideally have under its skirt a lazy Susan to facilitate easy access with less effort. Taking a spin would just have a whole other meaning.

Exactly what I need to assist at the end of a tough day!




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2 Responses to The Efficient Top

  1. Dioneo says:

    Ha! I love the lazy Susan idea. I can picture a lovely red-bottomed lady spinning around it now.

    Don’t forget their fine collection of paddles (err, I think they call them “cutting boards”). My favorites are:

    Even their pizza peel will do in a pinch, but just be sure to take account of the additional wind resistence:

  2. I am impressed. Talk about one stop shopping.

    Cranky Spanker

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