Odds and Ends

I was in California for a couple of weeks plying my trade and I came across some old seasons of rescue me on DVD. Definitely a better way to watch episodic television, a season at a time. I did watch this show originally but then lost it in the schedule. I like Dennis Leary and compared to his stage persona I just have a little colic. There were many instances where Callie Thorne’s character Sheila slaps or punches Tommy Gavin for what he says but in this clip she threatens to spank him like her son.

I was also surprised to find a series that I had never seen called saving grace. I am a big fan of both Holly Hunter and Laura San Giacomo and I got to see the entire series. Holly Hunter plays a tough independent detective Grace Hanadarko who works hard and plays even harder. I have selected a few short clips from the show. Grace and Ham.

Grace planting a friendly drunken smack on Christina Ricci.

Grace getting frisky with Spanky.

Saving Grace had many scenes that you normally don’t see on prime time television right after the bar scene she gets out of her car the next morning, it is still parked in the bar lot, then gets dressed. There were many scenes of Grace’s behavior and I even found this reference on Chross blog




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2 Responses to Odds and Ends

  1. wordsmith says:

    Nice clips, thanks !

  2. It’s very hard to find something not listed on Chross Guide.


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