You Can’t Always Get…..

I was seeing a woman, standard fare dinners, movies and sex. She was at my home one evening and I owned up that I really would love to spank her. She agreed and she laid her pretty self over my knee. I was gently slapping her jeans covered behind, enjoying myself immensely by the way, when she suddenly jumped up and started yelling at me. I just sat back against the headboard and waited for the storm to pass. She calmed down and told me that she was not mad at me, I was relieved, and she said that the spanking had pissed her off.

Best Picture I could find!

I was at a loss as I sat back and wondered now what? My friend sensed that I was still excited and disappointed knelt by the edge of my bed. She pulled my legs toward her so that my butt was at the edge of the bed. I did not know what she had in mind but she started to stroke my thighs and pulled my shorts off.

She really liked large fake fingernails and somehow she was able to slide two fingers into me without slicing me up. I still don’t know how she managed this but little was said and I was just going along to see what she had in mind. She started to suck me and wiggle her fingers.

I am usually way too uptight to come in anyone’s mouth but after just a few minutes I could not resist and experienced one of the most powerful orgasms, she drained every drop and smiled up at me. She said just one word “ambrosia”, I did not believe it but it was sweet nonetheless. Maybe you do get what you need,  sometimes.


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