The Itch

I really love spanking a pretty fanny and I have tried to do this as often as I can. If I can’t be actually doing it I have found that I can participate vicariously through the blogs listed to the right. Reading about and watching videos can help satisfy my primary kink. 
When you gotta have it!
Sometimes you have an itch that you just can help but scratch. I can not describe the sensation more clearly but every now and then I need to be spanked myself. Its like missing an important part of my daily schedule, like going out of the house and forgetting my pants.
The cartoon above expresses my feelings pretty closely. On those occasions I have found cooperative partners who were unwilling to be spanked themselves but had no problem applying paddle or crop to my ass.  Even though this was what I really wanted the actual spanking always made me slightly apprehensive, anticipating the sting and burn, especially if the event was more than a few hours away.

Imagining a hard spanking and getting one are two completely different things. I do want to get the full treatment but when the paddle smacks my butt over and over my resolve tends to dissipate. This can be very hard if my partner was pissed off at me at the time. I really want to explore my limits and perhaps go a bit beyond them but that has been very hard to achieve. I’ll just have to keep on trying.


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