I grew up in New York City and traveled a lot on the Subway system. You learn early that if something sounds too good to be true it’s not. So if somebody wants to give you a great deal on a piece of jewelry or watch, as my mom would say foged aboud it!
I went into the city on evening with a friend, just a couple of geeks going to the show. On the way home on the subway we were excitingly talking about our favorite topic science fiction.  An attractive woman starts chatting us up. I looked at my buddy and he just shrugged slightly. I am not sure exactly what happened but before she left us we had invitations to continue our talk at her home. I could not resist so I called her up and set a date.
I had all kinds of ideas going through my head as I headed over to Greenwich Village to visit her, I had plans, and ideas where this was going, the only problem that I was unaware of was that she was gay. Entering her apartment M introduced me to her roommate / lover W, I was kind of disappointed but I still enjoyed the pleasure of their company. 
Oddly enough I never even imagined them together.
I went there often until I moved to California, you may wonder what incentive I might have had in visiting these women, I was about as interesting to them sexually as a house cat, but I was still living with my parents and to me it was no choice at all. They seemed to like having me around and they definitely expanded my horizons. I do think though that they tried to make me sweat, I would be sitting on the couch being Joe cool and they would casually wander around naked, often cleaning house or doing other chores.
They did educate me in other ways; they took me to my first and only lesbian bar. It was like a scene out of a bad novel; a very large female bartender looked me over and asked me if I was gay, I told her I was not and she insisted that I leave right now!  I ate with them when they cooked and they broadened my tastes, I tasted caviar for the first time in that apartment. They did try to free my inner homosexual unsuccessfully but I suppose that would be an entirely different post.
I seriously don’t believe that these women injured me in any way although they could pull a practical joke with the best of them. I did learn a lot from them about being open to new experiences and people. It’s been a while since I thought about them but I still smile fondly over my memories.
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  1. Sometimes it's those chance meetings that end up teaching us a lot. Thanks for sharing this!



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