Don’t Spank Me!

Beginnings are fragile, when you first meet someone and feel attracted, it’s pretty natural to try to put your best foot forward rather than in your mouth. After several disasters I did my best to bury my spanko side and concentrate on the vanilla side of things. I certainly did not want to come across like this guy.
Even after some mutual attraction was a fact and we had become intimate I was hesitant to reveal my fantasies. Some times for months and even years, I would disguise myself. Eventually when I just had to come out or it seemed like a good idea it was difficult to explain just what I was all about. In hindsight this approach was probably screwed up and resulted in more difficulties than if I had been more open in the first place.
Are you sure?
In my experience after opening up there was still the problem of communication. Was what I wanted also acceptable and desired, or would I get it wrong. The toughest call for me to make is when there is slight resistance that seems like part of a game. Some people want to be spanked and can’t admit it, and others just aren’t into it at all. I don’t think there have been may arrests for spanking an unwilling partner, but to me I really do not want to impose my fantasies on anyone.

I have been warned or rather advised, it should be this easy.
PS This Sunday the last Sam Swatt strip that I have collected.
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