Too old to spank?

I was looking for the names of the wrestlers in the last post and in the suggested titles was the question “is she too old to spank”.  The thumbnail that was shown with the video is of this pretty girl. It seems to me that she may be just about old enough, too young for me of course, but for some strapping young man absolutely not.

Too old – Too young?

In case anyone is curious about this video just use this link

My thoughts are about the other end of this issue. I am still the odd young man internally and will probably not get any more mature than I am presently. Regardless of what I see in my mirror I still feel like a much younger version of myself. Despite the fact that I can not drink and eat anything that I want anymore. Going out drinking just doesn’t have the appeal that it once had, especially since I seem to suffer the consequences more than ever.

I do believe I will be able to deliver a proper licking for many years, but will such an invitation still have the appeal that I think it should. If I have to say “sorry honey my arthritis is acting up maybe tomorrow”, please just shoot me an put me out of my misery. I hope that I am not too delusional and I still have a few good years left, but only time will tell.

I suppose I can get along vicariously reading the posts of my favorite blogger. I still have many pleasant memories and my dreams are as vivid as ever.


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3 Responses to Too old to spank?

  1. So I am very tardy to this post…but I felt the need to comment anyway.

    From Derriere Magazine, in the 80s:

    You know that I'm too old to spank
    Said Liz with a toss of her head
    I thought she was right, to be frank
    So I caned her bare bottom instead.

    When your arthritis flares up, just change the first line to say, “You know you are too old to spank”. Problem solved. Canes don't suffer from old age. 🙂

  2. Never too late! Always glad to be noticed.

    Just wondering though where did you come across a Magazine this old? Nevermind I don't want to know.



  3. Ha…I found it on a blog and have been saving that bit of poetry in a draft for a future blog post. Your post made me think of it.

    In the 80s, well, I was doing everything possible to AVOID being spanked. 😉

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