Father Knows Best

I was watching TV last week and Great Balls of Fire the biopic of Jerry Lee Lewis was playing. In an effort to contain this wild child, Jerry Lee was living with his cousin. Good idea in theory but when Jerry Lee fell for his much too young cousin, it’s hell for him. The problem first is portrayed in the movie when Jerry Lee and Myra are watching a horror movie on Television. Jerry Lee tries to scare Myra and they wind up wrestling on the floor. Her father turns on the light in the room and Myra gets up and meekly walks toward dad. He grabs his errant daughter by the neck and swatting her pajama clad butt pushes her into her bedroom. Dad goes into his room and his wife is standing there looking at Jerry Lee, casually blowing bubble gum, looking all innocent. Dad the grabs his wife’s arm and yanks her into the bedroom. I like to think this guy was an old fashioned man of the house. The video is currently on youtube for now.


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