The Toy Box

I was not sure that I had most of the toy box. It took months to move everything from California to Arizona. I moved all the stuff we had accumulated over the years, I was being thrifty or cheap if prefer. It is only 300 miles how hard can it be. I never want to move again. 
There has been some discussion about the relative merits of these implements. Some yield a greater impact than others. Personally I feel that any toy can be used to excess. Size, length, weight, and area of impact all play a part in how much pain any toy will deliver. I do not have the traditional mothers cooking spoon, this implement concentrates all the force to essentially a small circle, all I can say is ouch!
Leather paddle with Delrin core.
The cane spreads the force over the length and width of the rod. When used improperly, not using the entire rod, the tip will cause the most damage. The impact zone is almost a point, leaves really radical marks. Most caning videos that I have seen seem to me to be too harsh, although I have viewed a few where the caning was either brief or done with care.
Leather Hand and small flogger
I lean towards paddles or paddle like toys. Big ones spread the force over a greater area making the spanking noisy but not as intense. The bath brush and the tried and true hairbrush have been personal favorites. It is not necessary to swing for the fences when using any paddle like implement, in fact for tender bottoms simply dropping the toy onto the intended target is plenty. The longer the toy the more force it will impact with. Early on in the spanking you can start with clothes on and gradually unveil. To me the first few spanks on bare skin are the harshest, and as the skin warms and reddens you can gradually increase the force to yield a nicely toasted bum.
Wood or Plastic?
Wooden hairbrush and terror paddle.
When you start spanking with toys you may want to consider milder implements first. The leather hand looks formidable it is not really too fierce, and is advertised as a replacement for when your hand gets tired. A leather flogger with just a few strands used gently can be very stimulating. The long handled thing that looks like a bath brush is definitely gentle. The head is foam and it is used to apply lotion to those areas that are hard to reach.
Bathroom accessories
Adam and Gillian’s for the leather toys and leather covered paddles
The bath brush I bought at Target.
The terror paddle, wood and plastic from Hansen Paddle Werks
The perfect spanking hairbrush from Pacific force is no longer available
The foam thing was a gift.
I believe that Barely.Pink of The Pink Report had complained about the bath brush. The device pictured above would be perfect, Its bark is way more intense than its bite. What do you think?
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2 Responses to The Toy Box

  1. Raven Red says:

    Bath brushes should be burned! All of them…along side that very wicked looking paddle you own. 😉

  2. I'm in agreement! Death to the bathbrush!

    However, that foam thing with some lotion applied sounds like the perfect way to treat a naughty girl…Let's lobby for that!

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