This is a true story (as I remember it).
I was in living in California when my father took sick. Being between jobs I was selected to travel to New York for moral support. While I was there I met a girl, she was young but then so was I. We got together and took a walk, through a cemetery of all things. We then went back to my parent’s house to get better acquainted.  As I was visiting from California I thought that this had nowhere to go.  Strangely enough she lived in Southern California and we could get together when we both went home.
We did get together and got along very well. I really liked this girl. After dating for a while we became intimate and I thought things were going well. One evening we were both naked and I suggested that we try something different. In a friendly competition we did a 69 to see who would get off first.
69 may sound really easy. I found it very hard to concentrate on my end so to speak while she was doing such nice things to me. She was laying on me with her knees on either side of my head. Since I was so inexperienced I thought that this was very cool and average. In the years since I have met many women who would rather get head than give it. But I digress. I leaned back to catch my breath and was watching a very nice show, her dusky buns waving around in time to what she was concentrating on.
I Looked for a picture to illustrate my point of view but end of the nose viewpoints are rare.
She had such a nice bum too. Nice and round and perfectly proportioned. I could not help myself. I reached out and spanked that fanny, I don’t think I got one or two slaps in when she turned on me. Think of a cornered kitten all hissing and claws. She chewed me out thoroughly the only thing that I remember exactly is “Only my mother spanks me!” I took her home getting the silent treatment the whole way. After that I was a non-entity, she wouldn’t see me or even talk to me on the phone.
I have regretted my lack of control ever since, though in retrospect considering her violent reaction, we were doomed from the start. I spent the next few years thinking myself even more of a freak. Keeping that side of me hidden seemed like a good idea at the time. Now I would have to say that was stupid. If you have strong feelings like I do, hell I don’t dream of leggy blonds, well yeah I do but they are mostly stretched across my lap, denying it is not healthy. If you want a healthy happy relationship try to be yourself from the start.
That very pretty girl may have regretted dumping me but I have to think that maybe I just left a bad taste in her mouth.
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