Implements etc.

Toys may come and toys may go but my butt just keeps getting bigger damn! I have been obsessed with just one thing for as long as I can remember. It may be nobler to give than to receive, that’s not exactly true in all cases. You see I like to receive as well as give. I am really just a greedy slut who enjoys the felling of a tender bum warm to the touch.
When I was a strange young child I would experiment with various things found around the house. The plumbers helper could be most effective, either end, stick more strict that the rubber thing that unclogs toilets.  I have a small triangle shaped mark on the inside of one cheek, honorable mention to the first one to guess just how that happened. I cut school a lot, was accused of being a JD, but I would stay home alone and try to amuse myself.
Being an equal opportunity spanker/spankee I would never use any toy on someone if I had not felt the effects myself. The riding crop for instance. A friend of mine used one on me and boy that thing had a bite! She left an amazing array of evenly spaced stripes somewhat resembling chevrons, I think I rated sergeant at least.
As a spanker my own hand is my favorite. It’s always available and the feel of palm on flesh is very satisfying. You can alternate the strength of the slaps and alternate with little rubs and pokes in between. The force can vary from little pats to full arm slaps, and if overdoing it your hand will hurt too. An experienced bottom would probably wear out my hand long before she is fulfilled.
The kitchen paddle shaped cutting board. In my bachelor quarters there was very little need for a cutting board. You may think that a heavy cutting board will be very painful, oddly enough the force is spread over such a large area that it’s not as severe as you may believe.
 One afternoon while between playmates I was smacking myself with the cutting board. Unfortunately this board was not a single piece of wood. It had been constructed from three pieces of wood, and the thing broke apart. The middle part was a rectangular paddle with the handle. Now that was an intense toy.
to be continued
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