Seemed Familiar

Unfortunately my talents like in a technical left brain kind of place. It seems tm me that the only thing is am likely to be drawing in my next breath. I was just looking through some old files and I came across this drawing.


I have a whole group of this artists work but since they are all unsigned have no idea who the original creator was. The date on the file says 1999 but that was just when it found its way to   my computer from some BBS.

This one is a couple of years newer.I thought the image familiar but was surprised anyway.


I do like the use of color to illustrate here and this drawing is labeled Ron with a number.  I am assuming the means Ron Wilson. He may have been the original artist for all I know. I have a bunch of his drawings and have to admire the sentiment of naughty girls receiving the due punishment. Who says that recycling has to be boring.



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2 Responses to Seemed Familiar

  1. web-ed says:

    The original drawing featured a whip, my least favorite implement (to see, that is – I don’t own one although I have tons of paddles and canes), and whoever did the revision must have felt the same way since he substituted a nice paddle for the cruel and difficult-to-control whip. It may well be Ron Wilson, whom I remember from The Artastic Forum. I have the impression that he occasionally colored work by others (Stone Knight was another I’m more certain did this), which would tie in nicely here, although I still have to wonder who the original artist was.

    Ron tended to focus on young spankees, and for that reason I never reprinted his work on CSR, nor do I have any of it from what I could salvage of (the parent site of Artastic Forum). Unfortunately, I couldn’t save most of Artastic’s many attachments because they were in an encoded form that resisted my program’s efforts to find an download – this is typical for bulletin boards. I did save about three dozen attachments the old-fashioned way, but it was a random process (that is, I didn’t know in advance what I was saving) and Ron’s work wasn’t among what little I saved.

    I think Ron had a falling-out with Anime OTK and I’m really not sure where to find his work now. Possibly MariusTheRed would know.

  2. Hi
    Always nice to hear from you. I imagine the content of younger looking spankees could be a problem but as long as it is reserved for fantasy there really should not be such a big deal. I cringe at “dead baby” jokes but still can’t help laughing. I think my original blog was 86’ed just for mentioning a writer who features younger victims as well as adults. I suppose I should not be surprised considering the amount of moralizing that survives to this day.


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