Spin City

I have been a fan of Michael J. Fox for many years. I have been looking for a better version of the second clip for some time and a little bit of the back story to go with it. No spanking scenes in this series but a couple of nice comments. It was too bad that Michael left the show because of his Parkinson and I originally missed the transition to Charlie Sheen. I always enjoy seeing Michael J. Fox as a guest on many shows since then.

This last clip I have been wondering about for years but If I may summarize the storyline Mike abstains from sex for a week to prove that his feelings for Caitlin aren’t just physical, and Caitlin doubts he can do it. So she spends the week trying to tempt him, she ups the ante here by offering to let Mike spank her.


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2 Responses to Spin City

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  2. wordsmith says:

    He slipped up there, could still have spanked her without losing the bet!

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