Comments, Feedbacks and Polls

Well I had to ask, from the results of last weeks poll 90% of the answers thought my selection and the drawings that I preferred were the better ones that I had. I looked back and I did post the same drawing more than once, I like that particular drawing more than the others. I do have many more collected from usenet over the years and I will post them here. If anyone comes forward and claims the ownership of any drawing that I use, and objects to my posting it here, I will remove it without question.

I would like to increase the number of comments and the amount of feedback that I get from visitors. In that spirit I am going to have a drawing. If you leave a comment I will enter your name and in 1 month I will award a copy of Erica Scotts “Late Bloomer” to the lucky individual whose name I pick. Depending on the volume of respondents I may have to award more than a single copy. Not much of a prize you say, tell me that after you have read this book, I dare you.

For today’s pick of drawings, I have randomly selected the work of George Jackson Churchward. From the Spanking Art Wiki there is a very nice biography follow this link. George Jackson Churchward.

He specialized in greyscale pencil drawings, occasionally using crayons for colored artwork. Nearly all of his drawings depict english schoolgirls. His work features a wide range of M/f and F/f spanking scenes. He never drew any frontal nudity or anything obscene.

I do like the English Schoolgirl spankings and others like granny above. The details in the clothing of the third picture I also find interesting.


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2 Responses to Comments, Feedbacks and Polls

  1. wordsmith says:

    Hi Emanuele, I’m leaving this comment as no-one else has and that means I am certain to win your kind offer! Certain? Surely? Now you will tell me there is some small print I have to read 😀 Hockey one is my favourite, wonder if the other girls are waiting their turn or just enjoying the show…

  2. WS

    Other girls? I am not including the 4716 comments labeled as spam by Askimet and until recently you did have the dubious honor of making the most comments overall followed closely by Barely Pink (can’t believe it either) so I would say that your odds of winning are very good. The one requirement I may have left out is the winner will have to provide an address for shipping. Bona Fortuna.


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